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If you like great customer service
Wear one of our t-shirts next time you go shopping!

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One question we get asked all the time by Secret Shoppers wanting to carry out assignments for us is, 'What happens if I am identified as a Secret Shopper during an assignment?

Well, the answer to that question has always been the same, if a team member of a business thinks you might be a Secret Shopper, generally, they will give you outstanding customer service.

In short, they will go out of their way to make sure you have a great experience in their business.

During our 18 years in business as a Mystery Shopping / Secret Shopping business, we have established ourselves as one of the best known companies in the business.


Our mission is to help businesses improve their customer service.

There are not many t-shirts you can buy, that just might do two things, firstly, improve the shopping experience you receive when wearing the t-shirt, and secondly by wearing our t-shirt you will help to advertise our service to retail businesses, that we can help to improve their customer service, and create more paid opportunities for Secret Shoppers in the process. 

At worst you get a cool t-shirt, that washes well, looks great and is sure to be a conversation starter. The best case scenario is that by simply wearing our t-shirt you may just get better customer service, give it a try, or buy one for a friend who has everything.

Over the years we have had a few Secret Shoppers identified by staff members of businesses we have visited, and when we asked what happened afterwards, the general answer was I was treated like a highly valued customer, nothing was too much trouble when they thought I might be a Secret Shopper.

  • Secret Shopper T-Shirts are made from 180GSM 100% cotton

  • Tested by our team to wash well and keep their shape

When you click on the purchase pre-order button below you will be re-directed to our partner website MX Factory Pro where you can complete your pre-order purchase

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